Home Financial Information

Here, you’ll find various topics related to low income financial housing.
Below are a few examples of what resources you’ll find in this section.

Low Income Home & Personal Loans

In addition to helping you afford a home, low income loans can also help with tough spots. We’ll introduce you to the various types of loans as well as what to be aware of. Learn more...

Rent-to-Own Housing Options

If you don’t have the means to put a down payment on a home right now, but you want your rent payment to actually go toward an investment, renting to own is an excellent option. Learn more...

HUD Homes Information

Don’t overpay for a home you can’t afford. The “HUD Homes” program allows you to buy a home for 10-50% under market value. Read more about eligibility. Learn more...

Voucher Program Information

Learn more about what assistance and benefit programs are available to you in our guides.

Section 8 Eligibility Information


Section 8 Application Information


Benefits for Disabled


Helpful Housing Information

From housing grant programs to eviction assistance, with our library – you’ll be prepared for anything.

Housing Grant Programs

Federal, state & private grant programs have different application requirements for low-income families seeking to qualify. Learn more...

Find or Submit A Low Income Property

If you’re looking for a low income home or if you’re looking to submit a low income home, click here to get started.

Eviction Assistance Programs

Relax and understand both your rights and that of your landlord. Be proactive and learn what steps to take to make your eviction situation as painless as possible. Learn more...