Budget Friendly Home Security Systems

If you are living in an environment with a high crime rate, home security should be a chief concern to you. Mainstream security measures are available but they are costly for low income individuals and families.  Below are some inexpensive methods that will provide security for you and your family.

Although the overall crime rate in America has been relatively low the past few years, a lot of low income families reside in areas where crime rate is still high per capita.  Though a good security system can prove to be an excellent crime deterrent and though people with security systems generally experience less burglaries, low income individuals end up just hoping for the best.

Brand name, costly home security providers are no longer the only option as technology has brought about other useful methods. There are some companies creating low cost, easy to install systems that low income families can effectively use.

Some branded options with remote access control are available now at affordable prices. You have the choice to build your own through a Do-It-Yourself project or get resort to more cost effective options.   However, having security installed affords the beneficiary protection in addition to insurance benefits.

Insurance Benefits

Getting security installed in your home can reduce your monthly insurance premiums. If you have a monitoring system, some insurance companies will give you 20% off to insure your home. Some companies offer alternative security packages such as self-monitoring or unmonitored that instead alerts you to an interruption with audible alarms..

You can keep reading for some self-monitored, DIY or conventional security options if you want to go for a more complete package.

DIY Security

This can be used to make your own custom security system. You can use a smartphone to keep an eye on it and high speed internet for it to function. They have practical uses and don’t require a regular fee for subscription.


You can choose between indoor and outdoor options with this company. Their products are affordable and you can get a camera with night vision and a sensor.  You can hear as well as see with ocular vison at an angle of 140 degrees. You can have $1000 deducted from insurance with this installed and this all comes at price under $200. You can upgrade some features for a monthly fee.


You can get a starter pack of cameras and interactive devices $449 from this company and set up your own DIY security system. The cameras are wireless and you get free cloud storage for 7 days. Year round storage costs $99. The cameras have night vision and can detect and send motion alerts to connected devices.


This company provides a powerful camera that has many features for a good price. It boasts a rechargeable battery, night vision, motion sensors, two-way audio, Wi-Fi connection and tamper sensors. You can choose to send police to your house if the system is triggered and you can add a flare subscription for $5 a month after buying the camera for $425.

Traditional Security Companies

You need to be cautious about traditional systems because they tend to come with extra bills and hidden fees, even with an initially advertised “low price”.

Protect America

This is an affordable security monitoring company. The lowest plan goes for $19.99 a month which is not to exceed $300 for the entire year. Installing the necessary equipment will bring it up to $500.

At the end of it all, you can’t really put a price on peace of mind. A criminal encounter can be prevented and your family can be kept safe with a quality home security system.