Locating Low Income Housing

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Through the availability of the internet, finding an affordable place to live is a lot easier than it used to be. The first step in finding low income housing online is first finding websites that are verifiable and trustworthy.  So let’s jump in.

Where Do I Search?

There’s plenty of accurate information online that can set you on the right path of locating affordable housing. The challenge then is to find the right site(s) with the exact information that you’ll find useful as it relates to your particular situation. Whether you’re looking for HUD inspection scores, want a list of new homes in your area, or you want to apply for certain benefits, the key is in knowing what your exact needs are.  So step 1 is writing out what’s important to you in a quality home.  We’ll filter websites and homes using these as our point of comparisons.

Normally with every search, there are volumes of results that the internet will give you. Filtering through these results can be a hassle and that’s why I’ve provided a a list of the most popular sites and a brief overview of what they have to offer.

HUD and HUD Extensions

The first website that’s a one-stop solution for most property and housing enthusiasts is the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. This is an official government website, therefore it’s only natural to include this website since all their of their policies and laws are updated in real time.

The information you will be able to get from the official HUD website includes information on locally administered programs like the Choice Neighborhoods program and information on state and local programs with federal funding. There are links to databases of public and privately owned housing resources, links affiliated with your local PHA and information related to landlord and tenant rights.

Additional Resources

One thing that the HUD websites fails to provide is the exact pricing of rentals in your local area. This is a difficult problem to tackle since section 8 rent is decided on an individual basis as it relates to your monthly income. The reality of the situation is that you’re likely to just get general information on the HUD site. For specifics on low income housing, you’ll have to visit other sites.

Low Income Housing Solutions

While we primarily serve as a low income housing resource, we also double as a section 8 housing database.  Here, you’ll discover everything on topics such as (but not limited to) housing grantssection 8, HARP, short term loans and low income listings.  And the best part?

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This is a full-service online financial consultancy website. In addition to providing information on real estate, they also give information on small business, professional services, investing, insurance and banking. Their low income information on the real estate section is unique in that it also details HUD inspection scores.  Click here to visit the Credio website.

Mercy Services

Live in Hope-Mercy services is a non-profit organization that helps the physically challenged, the elderly and vulnerable families in locating cheap but safe homes. They don’t operate in all cities but it’s worth checking if they are in your city as they could be a great help.  Click here to visit the Mercy website.

Rental Ads

This information-detailed site offers both landlord and tenant information for all rental types. The low-income option is located under “Rental property Types” and it’s located in a tab named “Section 8 Rentals.” There in a link in this section with a detailed listing of states where you can locate your state, city and finally a specific location.  Click here to visit the Rental Ads website.

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