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Almost all Americans will be confronted with some kind of legal issue within their lifetime.  Legal expenses can be a real problem, especially for low-income individuals and families.  The problem is only enhanced when low income individuals find themselves facing eviction with landlords from hell.  Below, I’ve provided free (or very low cost) options to assist you with your legal situation.

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Whether you’re facing eviction or a lawsuit, you’ll almost always need representation so you don’t become a victim.  The US constitution makes provisions for free representation if your case is criminal.  A lawyer will generally be appointed to you through your local public defender’s office.  However, finding representation for civil cases such as eviction can be difficult and stressful. Common cases cover a lot of different issues such as family law, real estate discussions involving landlord/tenant issues, or other property discussions.  The majority of these cases involving rent back payment, social injustices, damages and obligations are subject to lower income Americans.

Having legal assistance is expensive but it should not be the reason that a person chooses not to seek representation, especially when the situation is severe. In circumstances that require the administration of legal experts such as car accidents, family law, criminal law, property law etc. there are resources that you can use to get the assistance you need for free or for a much lower fee, based on your income level. We supply links below to agencies across the U.S. that offer free or low cost legal counseling to the people that need assistance the most.

A lot of these agencies offer assistance on common legal subjects like representation for foreigners and displaced people, people who have been abused at home and raped, and a multitude of other cases.  But which company do you choose to fight your case?

You should select the company that is best positioned to assist you with your specific situation. When you conduct your research, take note of the locations of the facilities and what limitations there may be in place. The majority of the firms will only offer welfare services within certain cities, areas, and regions of a certain state.

Once you have you’ve done your research on what firms you want to work with, see if they have a website that goes into further granular detail about their services. When the time comes, be sure to provide accurate documentation and information pertaining to your case so that your lawyer is equipped to help you in their fullest capacity.  Clients that have all the necessary documentation will often receive the best assistance. If you foresee yourself with legal problems in the future, or a problem already exists, make sure that you keep all relevant documents that can help your case.

There should be no reason why you should let someone harass or control you because that person has the means to fund legal representation and you don’t. The law is designed to protect everybody and make sure that they are safe.  Know your rights.

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