Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

The economy is stressing us out every day. Our increasing utility bills, mortgages, school’s tuition fees, food costs, rent, etc. are making us wonder if the paychecks we receive every month are even good enough. Additionally, when the company goes on a cost-cutting spree, they thoughtlessly dismiss people from the workplace, – yes, even the loyal ones.

In times like these, having a part-time or full-time self-employment job that you can do in addition to your usual job is not only smart, it’s also good business.  Below is a list of some of the most popular options for making extra income while being your own boss.

(Recommended!)  Fiverr.com – Test jobs that lead to $5 bigger jobs for anything from design to giving advice

(Recommended!)  SurveyVoicesResearch.com – Take surveys and get paid in exchange for your opinions.  You can make $800/week completing surveys. 

TaskRabbit.com – Do quick little jobs for people that can turn in to a full time career

GigWalk.com – Make some extra money for big corporations who need quick little jobs done

Handy.com – Cleaning and handyman services in selected cities

Care.com – Child care, elder care, pet care, and home upkeep

UpWork.com – Services, professions and skills that can be done remotely

Guru.com – Services professions and skills that can be done remotely

FreeLancer.com – Make your skills available At Any Price To People All Over The World

GigBucks.com – Similar to Fiverr

SEOClerks.com – Affordable IT services

MechanicalTurk.com – From Amazon.com…clerical and other work that can be dome anywhere on a computer

NeedTo.com – Small platform offers odd jobs around the country

InstaCart.com – Make $12/hr to $18/hr+ buying and delivering groceries

PostMates.com – Drive or ride and make up to $25/hr with on-demand currier services

GetBellHops.com – Make quick money helping people move only when you want to

Side.cr – Make $25/hr making deliveries with your car on your own schedule

DogVacay.com – Make $1,000/mo taking care of pets in your home or apartment

VeryLocalTrip.com – Make money showing visitors what you like to do in town

Vayable.com – Platform to list the experience to give when people come to your town

AirBnB.com – Make money sharing your home, room, apartment, couch, tent, or tree house (or someone else’s) for a short time ((manage other people’s property

BoatBound.co – Make money sharing your boat (or someone else’s) for a short time

Uber.com – Make up t .23 $90.000/yr working only when you decide

Lyft.com – A big competitor to Uber, some drivers try both

FlightCar.com – Don’t pay for airport parking, make $300 instead

Turo.com – Formerly RelayRides, now is called Turo and you can make $350/month from your car when you’re not using it

JustShareIt.com – Local people give you money to use your car by the hour…average car sits unused 92% of the time

GetAround.com – Make up to $10,000 per year when not using your car

CarmaCarPool.com – Make money with empty seats going to work

ZimRide.com – Make money with empty seats in your car on a trip (enterprise (car rental

Rush.Uber.com – Make package deliveries with your car or BIKE when you need extra cash

ThreadFlip.com – Get up to 80% of the cash received for the cloths you never wear

Tradesy.com – Get 89% of what your old cloths sell for and no returns

VestiAireCollective.com – Buy or Sell Pre-owned luxury goods

RentTheRunway.com – Your good stuff you can rent and still wear…4 million members

StyleLend.com – Your designer cloths can earn rental money when you’re not wearing them

Ebay.com/valet – Send item pre-paid ebay label and they do all the work and you get up to 80%

Us.Zilok.com – Now in USA, rent your stuff out for the day (80 Million Power Tools are used for an average of 13 minutes)

Edivv.com – Trade or sell beauty products you don’t use

Yerdle.com – Send in stuff you don’t use anymore and get stuff back you are about to spend money for 

WebThriftStore.com – Get a charity deduction for old stuff without leaving your home

Cronnection.com – Offer you skills, time or stuff in return for something you need and would have paid for

ParkCirca.com – Let people use your parking space and you get credits to use others for free

JustPark.com – Make money from your parking space when you are not using it

ShareMyStorage.com – Make money storing other people’s stuff

Roost.com – Make money for people to park their car with you or store their stuff with you