Special Case Vouchers

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Are you unable to access clean, safe and affordable housing due to situations beyond your control? The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development program and Section 8 Housing Voucher Program provides special case assistance to certain individuals as detailed below.

Is This for Me?

Low income earners in the U.S. have the chance to upgrade their living situation through the Section 8 Voucher program; the program covers up to 70% of beneficiaries’ rent obligations. Applicants are placed on a waiting list after successfully meeting all eligibility criteria and after having their application approved.

In many cases, some individuals face circumstantial situations beyond their control, for this reason, special case vouchers were tailor-made to address this disparity. Below is a brief analysis of 3 special programs that can assist you;

  • Section 8 for the Disabled
  • Family Unification Program
  • Home ownership Voucher

Section 8 for the Disabled

Over the years, assisted housing facilities such as nursing homes have opened their doors to non-elderly tenants due to many economic and social factors. Some of these tenants eventually desire to leave these facilities and pursue a life on the outside, living in their own homes. This program, through approved PHAs, assists disabled applicants who are younger than 62 years and reside in assisted living facilities. These voucher funds may be used to make payments at the assisted living facility, a group home or shared housing if the applicant does not desire to live alone.  Click here to get started.

For recipients seeking to live outside of a group setting, most end up using their vouchers for apartments or single family homes. Although the law is explicit on rights of the disabled, prospective landlords may refuse to accept tenants on Section 8 voucher support – but may not, upon accepting the tenancy, refuse to make reasonable modifications to the facility to make them more accessible for the disabled tenant.

Family Unification Program (FUP)

Families separated due to various reasons, or adults between the age of 18 and 21 who are no longer eligible for the U.S. foster care system, are eligible for this program. The Public Child Welfare Agencies (PCWAs) and Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) work hand-in-hand to assess, qualify and assist families and individuals with access to these funds. After a thorough assessment of an applicant’s eligibility by the PCWA, recommendation for certification is offered to the relevant PHA where further research and assessment of the applicant is conducted. If the review is successful, the candidate is then placed on a waiting list.

An applicant is deemed eligible for the FUP if it can be proven that their lack of a habitable place of residence has led to the placement of their child/children in foster care systems and/or hindered their ability to be reunited with their child/children. An applicant’s place of residence is deemed inhabitable if there is impending danger of losing the residence, if it is unfit for disabled children and/or unsafe, below average or congested. For young individual applicants, it must be shown that they left the foster care system at the age of 16+ but could not access proper housing and they are younger than 21 but older than 18 years of age at the time of applying.  Click here to get started.

Home Ownership Vouchers

Under this program, eligible applicants may receive home ownership loans at below-market interest rates or spend their Section 8 Vouchers in making monthly payments. The joy and fulfillment brought about by home ownership is indescribable; families feel more protected, financially secure and dignified when they have a place of their own. Unless under circumstances where applicants are elderly and/or have disabled family members, applicants should be first time home owners, be Section 8 program beneficiaries at the time of application, have at least one family member who has been in full-time employment for at least 1 year and meet federal minimum wage requirements.  Click here to get started.

Additional Voucher Programs

Families and individuals displaced by activities affecting their current residence like mandatory conversion or destruction have access to alternate housing options through the Conversion Vouchers program.

Destitute and low-income war veterans can be assisted through the HUD-VASH program.

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