Taking Advantage of Small Living Spaces

Living in a small home doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Utilizing the space you have efficiently can make seemingly small areas look much more spacious than it actually is.   You may want a more spacious living area because you’re feel stifled, but the reality is you can have ample space at your current residence just by organizing things more efficiently.

The Five “R’s” of Space Enhancement

How can an overcrowded residence be converted into a luxurious, spacious castle?  This is the wrong question because, well, you can’t. However, if you adhere to the five Rs of space optimization, you can exchange feelings of claustrophobia with feelings of peace and serenity.

  1. Rethink your instincts about home design, maintenance and storage space.
  2. Revise, alter and adapt your lifestyle to coincide with your need for room.
  3. Remove things that aren’t needed.
  4. Reorganize your place for better “feng shui” and optimal living.
  5. Renovate as per a maintenance time frame that fits your budget.

Additional Tips for Clearing and Expanding Space

  • Eliminate messy items. Eliminate with a “take no prisoners” approach: look for stuff you don’t need anymore in every room, cabinets and drawers.  If you haven’t used items at all in the last six months or so and don’t anticipate to use it in the next couple of months, scrap ’em. Selling, donating or reusing them are ideal solutions.
  • Utilize the undercover space. Organize storage stuff categorically following a theme, logic and good ole’ common sense. Use markings and colors for better  visualization. Use see through plastic bags and stack them appropriately on racks, slide them under your bed, or keep them in boxes.
  • Use a visual / psychological trick! White color reflects light. That’s why places painted white seem to be  much roomy than dark colored rooms.
  • Convert your basements or box rooms. Basement and storage rooms are spacious and private.  Converting them into a storage room will provide inspiration to keep them tidy.
  • Utilize the vertical space. In frequently used rooms, try to install a wall rack, that may be employed to hold books that generally take up space elsewhere. Installing shelves on the walls may reduce the load on tables and drawers.  Extra shelf space in closets are ideal for adding storage. A good search of the market can give you a better idea of some of these inexpensive items to use.  There are also quality DIY shelves that can easily fit within your budget.
  • Place bunk beds in for your children. Bunk beds use less horizontal space, and kids enjoy using them. To further cut costs, used bunk beds, or DIY bunk beds are good items to put your money toward.
  • Wall mounted T.V’s. Wall mounted television kits are another innovative and inexpensive product these days (cost on average $50). They are fairly easy to install and frees up a significant amount of floor space.
  • Buy a shower caddy for your bathroom. Shower caddies can be mounted discreetly anywhere in your bathroom. These kits are an economical ($25-$50) method of efficient usage of available vertical space.